Pharmacists, Create Your Own Consulting Career 

Hi! We're the PGx Consulting Confidence Team.

Do you believe you can do more for your patients? Would you like to know if they're able to metabolize a dose appropriately before dispensing it?

Pharmacogenomics enables pharmacists and providers to work together to optimize patient outcomes. With a simple cheek swab that is delivered to their doorstep, patients can receive the most accurate information about their medications. Once the lab results are returned to the provider and/or pharmacist, pharmacists can take the next steps to improving the health outcomes for patients.

We've taught over 300 pharmacists how to become a pharmacogenomics consultants! Our Academy teaches pharmacists in all areas of pharmacy. Whether you are in a clinic, a hospital setting, or even want to start your own practice as a pharmacogenomic consultant, we have the tools you need to care for your patients.

Today, we're inviting you to join us for a free training session to learn more about pharmacogenomics and the positive impact for patients in your community.

Dr. Matt Busalacchi
Vice President of Operations

Dr. Jamie Wilkey
Founder and CEO

Dr. Jennifer Marquez
Vice President of Membership

In this FREE TRAINING, I will show you..


Why you need to adapt your career to the future


How to build a practice customized to your interests (and that of your community)


That you as a ‘regular’ pharmacist are enough! You can actually do this.


What is PGx (pharmacogenomics) and why is it the ticket to a pharmacist’s bright future


Case studies of other successful pharmacists

Pharmacy is changing. Is your career adapting or stagnating? Are you excited about working for the next 20+ years or dreading it? Isn’t it time you had a job you loved?

When you create your own job you also create your own schedule & salary. You’re no longer a slave to your job. As a consultant, you get to put your clinical knowledge to use.

PGx is the future of pharmacy and yet still in its infancy. By growing your career now before it becomes mainstream you’ll set yourself up as an expert and leader in a rapidly growing field.

Don’t just take my word for it:

“Oh my gosh I am so excited right now I had to share!

I went to the Small Business Expo in my town yesterday...during one of them I met a financial consultant. He was so interested in what I was doing, he did not even tell me about himself. He emailed me after the meeting to set up a zoom.

Fast forward to today and we had our zoom meeting. He used to work in the pharma industry so he knows all about what I am doing and the need. He has all these physician groups he works with that he is going to connect me with. I didn't even ask him to do anything for me but he loved what I am doing so much and sees the need for both patients and physicians that he wants to help me get my business going. He said he is afraid he is going to get me so much business that I will be overwhelmed. 😁😁😁

CK, PharmD

“If you would have told me I would be quitting retail where I am paid at the top of my salary range and homeschooling my son 18 months ago I would have thought you were insane. Over the past year I have worked harder than I ever have in 14 years and I feel the most undervalued. We are told we are heroes on social media and at the end of emails from upper management... but we are not treated as such. I started researching opportunities  for pharmacists outside the retail setting and pharmacogenomics kept appearing. I took the step to start studying to become board certified as an MTM specialist. Last week I finally gave my notice to CVS. It was the most relief I have ever felt. I knew I didn’t want to go through another flu season with no clear plan from management how we are to implement vaccine requirements, understaffed. So I did it. I was afraid. I’m looking forward to learning more alongside like minded pharmacists who are ready to break free. Thanks Jamie!”

BP, PharmD

“We have done both well in our careers but something was lacking and the lacking is what drove us to you! I see the vision! We were looking to see what we truly enjoy as professionals and thought to ourselves…what could be a product that we can scale if we are all in!! We felt PGx fit the bill.” 

CT, PharmD

“I have officially filed for my LLC in the state of Florida today. 🙌 It makes it more of a reality when desires are put into motion.

Many more steps to go but this is the first very important step in making this dream job become my reality. “

MS, PharmD

“Just received my signed collaborative practice agreement! Whoo hoo!”

CB, PharmD

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